Women Talk is an alternative media space that features diverse and inspiring stories of women in Sri Lanka. This space hopes to counter the absence of women’s voices in Sri Lankan mainstream media by documenting the work, stories, views, and lives of women who are working to make a difference.

Based on my experiences working in the media during the 2000s, news reporting in Sri Lanka, in particular, television media, engages a highly melodramatic and emotional manner of reporting. Women are often objectified for creating sensational gossip-style media reports and are rarely documented in the media in gender-unbiased, diverse, inclusive, unpatronising, and non-stereotypical ways.

Women Talk intends to create an alternative media space of sisterhood where women are able to openly profile their work, talk about gender and women’s positions, and network. I will conduct in-depth interviews with women and post them online, creating a collection of inspiring women’s stories. The mission is to initially achieve publishing 50 interviews with women in Sri Lanka.

Women Talk is supported by Australia Awards, as part of the Alumni Innovation Challenge

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Note: The first phase of the 50 interviews for Women Talk is now complete. We will keep you updated once we initiate the next phase. 

The Blogger

Shashini Gamage is a PhD (Media and Communication) of La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. Her thesis is an ethnography of Sri Lankan women’s soap opera cultures, exploring television audiences of women in Colombo and diasporic Sri Lankan soap opera clubs in Melbourne. The study was conducted under an Australia Awards Leadership Scholarship, during 2012-16. She has been working as a journalist and television producer in Sri Lanka since 2004 in the fields of reconciliation, youth, gender, development, and culture in organisations such as Young Asia Television, Bonsoir, and Lanka Business Report. She has a Master of Global Communications from La Trobe University (2009-10), Bachelor of Arts from University of Kelaniya (2004-7), and Diploma of Journalism and Communication from the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (2003). She is currently engaged in freelance media and academic work.

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Read Shashini’s thesis – The sociocultural role of mega teledramas: an ethnographic study on women consuming a Sri Lankan narrative television genre in Colombo and Melbourne

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Our logo symbolises the fearless and powerful goddess, Kali. Her red tongue and the red hibiscus flower symbolise power. Kali epitomises transformation, change, and destruction of evil.

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