Arosha Rosenberger

Arosha Rosenberger is a Sri Lankan-born ethical fashion designer based in Germany. In this interview with Women Talk, Arosha talks about her journey into fashion designing, how her fashion label Tuschimo was born out of her love for nature, her international exhibitions, and her latest collaboration in Sri Lanka with Sthri by Selyn. Continue reading Arosha Rosenberger

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Selyna Peiris

Selyna Peiris is Director at Selyn, the only fair trade guaranteed handloom company in Sri Lanka. She is an Attorney-at-law and has extensive experience in the development sector in areas such as gender, livelihoods, and reconciliation. In this interview with Women Talk, Selyna talks about how Selyn developed into a social enterprise that empowers over thousand women, Selyn’s first sub-brand Sthri that emerged from an ethical fashion collaboration, and the potential of social enterprise in post war Sri Lanka. Continue reading Selyna Peiris

Yasodhara Pathanjali

Yasodhara Pathanjali is an artist based in Sri Lanka. She has held solo exhibitions in London and Galle and has exhibited at the Colomboscope art festival, focusing on the environment and pollution. In this interview with Women Talk, Yasodhara talks about how she realised her dream of becoming an artist at a critical juncture in her life, her work that is inspired by nature and social issues, her imaginative and non-stereotypical children’s literature series, and her work with ethical Sri Lankan fashion labels. Continue reading Yasodhara Pathanjali