Sharni Jayawardena

Sharni Jayawardena is a photographer and a documentary filmmaker with decades of experience working in the visual media. In this interview, Sharni talks about the power of storytelling and her engagements with audio slideshows, photography exhibitions, and documentaries that bring to public attention diverse untold narratives from the four corners of Sri Lanka. Continue reading Sharni Jayawardena

Sulochana Peiris

Sulochana Peiris shares her experiences of making documentaries on women, peace, and security in Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia. In this interview with Women Talk, she discusses what it is like to have captured the untold stories of women affected by the 30-year long civil war in Sri Lanka. She also reveals how Yoga has become an inspirational and inseparable part of her life. Continue reading Sulochana Peiris

Nadya Perera

Documentary and short-fiction filmmaker Nadya Bhimani Perera talks to Women Talk about making her documentary on Rizana Nafeek, the Sri Lankan migrant worker who was executed in Saudi. Nadya discusses issues relating to women migrant workers in Sri Lanka, film as a medium to express women’s narratives, and her short-fiction film, screening at Locarno Open Doors this year. Continue reading Nadya Perera