Sharanya Sekaram

Sharanya Sekaram is an activist, feminist, writer, researcher, and has extensive experience working in the fields of reconciliation, conflict, gender, youth activism, and community building. In this interview with Women Talk, Sharanya discusses her work in a gender space, the significance of prioritizing relationship education and sexual and reproductive health and rights in Sri Lanka’s post war context, and the challenges of engaging as a feminist and an activist. Continue reading Sharanya Sekaram


Raisa Wickrematunge

Raisa Wickrematunge is Co-Editor of Groundviews. In this interview with Women Talk, Raisa talks about her journey into journalism, her current work in an alternative online media platform that includes engaging with diverse creative and technological mediums, the significance of ethical reporting, and the media’s role in strengthening Sri Lanka’s transitional justice and reconciliation processes. Continue reading Raisa Wickrematunge

Sarah Soysa

Sarah Soysa has been committed to working on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) since she volunteered at the Family Planning Association as a university student. She continues her challenging work as an SRHR educator, a feminist, and an advocate for women’s rights. In this interview, Sarah talks about working on SRHR in the plantations sector and postwar areas, access to accurate information on safe medical abortion, myths surrounding the discourse on women’s bodies and abortion, and training thousands of youth as peer educators on SRHR. Continue reading Sarah Soysa

Sanchia Brown

Sanchia Brown is a journalist and is part of the Women and Media Collective in Sri Lanka. In this interview, Sanchia discusses the significance of internet governance, the importance of online spaces for women, the connection between online and offline spaces, and the need to improve access to the many benefits that the internet and new media has to offer. She also talks about her engagements with radio, television, and alternative media, as well as her love for photography. Continue reading Sanchia Brown

Paba Deshapriya

Paba Deshapriya discusses the challenging work she does in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights education in Sri Lanka. In this interview with Women Talk, Paba discusses how theatre can be used to inform young people and the increasing need for education to eliminate online hate and revenge targeting young people’s sexuality, bodies, and privacy. Continue reading Paba Deshapriya