Raisa Wickrematunge

Raisa Wickrematunge is Co-Editor of Groundviews. In this interview with Women Talk, Raisa talks about her journey into journalism, her current work in an alternative online media platform that includes engaging with diverse creative and technological mediums, the significance of ethical reporting, and the media’s role in strengthening Sri Lanka’s transitional justice and reconciliation processes. Continue reading Raisa Wickrematunge

Manuri Pabasari Waleboda

Manuri Pabasari Manike Waleboda began her engagements with media and communication as a child artist of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, taking part in the eminent Lama Pitiya children’s program. Today, she has close to two decades of experience working in various media platforms. In this interview, she talks about her childhood that was shaped by her work in radio, her passion for volunteerism, her interests in research, and her research-based publications. Continue reading Manuri Pabasari Waleboda

Thulasi Muttulingam

Thulasi Muttulingam is the creator of Humans of Northern Sri Lanka, a Facebook page dedicated to telling stories of people and communities in the North of Sri Lanka. She is also a journalist and feature writer. In this interview with Women Talk, Thulasi talks about having grown up in the Maldives, her return to Sri Lanka, her journey into journalism, her passion for writing about social issues, and her latest research-based work on women, labour, and migration. Continue reading Thulasi Muttulingam

Sanchia Brown

Sanchia Brown is a journalist and is part of the Women and Media Collective in Sri Lanka. In this interview, Sanchia discusses the significance of internet governance, the importance of online spaces for women, the connection between online and offline spaces, and the need to improve access to the many benefits that the internet and new media has to offer. She also talks about her engagements with radio, television, and alternative media, as well as her love for photography. Continue reading Sanchia Brown