Sharni Jayawardena

Sharni Jayawardena is a photographer and a documentary filmmaker with decades of experience working in the visual media. In this interview, Sharni talks about the power of storytelling and her engagements with audio slideshows, photography exhibitions, and documentaries that bring to public attention diverse untold narratives from the four corners of Sri Lanka. Continue reading Sharni Jayawardena

Amalini De Sayrah

Amalini De Sayrah is a photo journalist passionate about social issues. Her photography projects capture diverse social themes, such as reconciliation, women headed households in the North, food cultures, mental health, and urban development. In this interview with Women Talk, Amalini talks about her photo journalism work, her work at the Centre for Policy Alternatives, the role of social media platforms in engaging young photographers, and how she sees travel as an opportunity to look at the society around her through a humanistic lens. Continue reading Amalini De Sayrah