Nishadi Liyanage

Nishadi Liyanage is a sustainability and risk management professional. She is currently Assistant Manager of MAS KREEDA, managing social sustainability initiatives, such as gender equality, disability inclusion, social responsibility projects, and sustainability reporting. She is an alumna of the University of Sydney and an Australia Awards scholarship recipient. In this interview with Women Talk, Nishadi talks about the interconnected components of social, financial, and environmental sustainability, the significance of managing sustainable corporates, how women can benefit from sustainable initiatives, and why sustainability reporting should be made mandatory for businesses. Continue reading Nishadi Liyanage


Dr Randika Jayasinghe

Dr Randika Jayasinghe is a Lecturer and Head of the Department of Engineering Technology at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura in Sri Lanka. She is a PhD of the University of Western Australia. Her thesis was on developing poverty reducing solutions for sustainable waste management in Sri Lanka. An expert in environmental technology and waste management, in this interview with Women Talk, Randika talks about her passion for science and technology, the significance of taking a social justice stance on waste management, how waste can be used as a resource to empower communities, and how disasters like the Meethotamulla garbage dump collapse can be mitigated by holistically approaching the issue of waste management. Continue reading Dr Randika Jayasinghe

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Asha De Vos

Asha De Vos is a marine biologist and a conservationist based in Sri Lanka, specializing on researching blue whales in the Northern Indian Ocean. She is a PhD of the University of Western Australia. In this interview, Asha talks about how her journey with the ocean began, her research and academic work, international platforms that has opened up for her work, the significance of blue whales as eco-system engineers, and the necessity of paying attention to the conservation of the largest animal that roams this planet. Continue reading Asha De Vos

Vositha Wijenayake

Vositha Wijenayake is an attorney-at-law, specialising in international environmental law, human rights, climate change, and animal welfare. She is the Executive Director of SLYCAN Trust. In this interview, she talks about climate change policy in Sri Lanka, the significance of transforming policy into action, and the need of recognising gender as a vital component of climate change frameworks. Continue reading Vositha Wijenayake

Dr Deepani Jayantha

Dr Deepani Jayantha is a committed conservationist and a veterinarian who has been working closely on the human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka for about a decade. In this interview with Women Talk, she discusses her passion for elephants, community-led initiatives that are helping to mitigate the human-elephant conflict, and the interconnected social, cultural, and economic dynamics of conservation. She stresses the increasing need to safeguard fast disappearing wildlife habitats in the island and the necessity of generating inclusive development policies that favour communities, wildlife, and the environment. Continue reading Dr Deepani Jayantha