Chanchala Gunewardena

Chanchala Gunewardena is an agri/food entrepreneur and a communications specialist. She is the founder of Kimbula Kithul, a social enterprise that is reviving traditional kithul treacle sourcing in Matara and engaging in production that preserves the natural quality of this uniquely Sri Lankan product. In this interview with Women Talk, Chanchala discusses her incredible journey as an entrepreneur, the significance of adding value to the traditional kithul industry through all natural production, how Kimbula Kithul has provided opportunities to small-holder farmers, and how her expertise in communications has inspired her to create Kimbula Kithul as a natural food brand.  Continue reading Chanchala Gunewardena


Samadanie Kiriwandeniya

Samadanie Kiriwandeniya is the Chairperson of the SANASA Development Bank and has extensive experience working with microfinance, cooperative banking, social movements, and the development sector. In this interview with Women Talk, Samadanie talks about her lifelong involvement with the SANASA social movement, the significance of paralleling community empowerment with microfinance initiatives, microfinance within a gender space, and the increasing need of recognising the potential of SME development in Sri Lanka. Continue reading Samadanie Kiriwandeniya

Achala Samaradiwakara

Achala Samaradiwakara is the co-founder and director of Good Market, Sri Lanka. Good Market is celebrating their fifth anniversary this 9th December, since its inception as a community platform for ethical producers and consumers that is good for people and good for the planet, five years ago. In this interview with Women Talk, Achala talks about the formative phase of Good Market, the potential of social enterprise in strengthening communities, and how the initiative developed into a renowned local and global platform for ethical enterprise. Continue reading Achala Samaradiwakara

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Selyna Peiris

Selyna Peiris is Director at Selyn, the only fair trade guaranteed handloom company in Sri Lanka. She is an Attorney-at-law and has extensive experience in the development sector in areas such as gender, livelihoods, and reconciliation. In this interview with Women Talk, Selyna talks about how Selyn developed into a social enterprise that empowers over thousand women, Selyn’s first sub-brand Sthri that emerged from an ethical fashion collaboration, and the potential of social enterprise in post war Sri Lanka. Continue reading Selyna Peiris